Your eyes,
the symbol of hope...
You have so often claimed to see.
You, my Jedi knight oh how you teach me,
blue is your favourite colour.
While you so seldom claim it to me....
I know truly what blue means ,
Its pure, fresh and honest.
Its good,
which is something you don’t see in yourself.
which when compared to the red of the hair on my head,
my favourite colour is ox-blood red.
I’m the self destruction key,
yet no one ever noticed it in me.
You know what red is for?
downfall and turmoil.... love and death
which is something I see in myself.
But we are not sides,
a colour doesn't decide.
We are both so dark and so light my love
so perfectly fit like some custom fit gloves.
If lightsabers could tame us ,
would we finally pick a side?
setting hopes so high that at last there might be some fight
for either of us to commit to.
I dunno my darling,
All I know is, I found you.
You who awakened my heart
and set free my very soul.
In a galaxy far away,
You'd give me more then stars.
In this stupid messed up life thats really war,
you won my purple heart.

Strong in this one the force is =P <3 my mixed up Jedi

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