Tonight I fell to the floor.
Didn’t want to listen to what they had just said.
I tried to understand….
Tried so hard to see why we had to let you go.
But no good reason came to mind.
Why was it your time?
And so many tears have been cried and no one can believe it was you who passed away.
No, you couldn’t die.
We keep seeing your face on people who pass
And asking god, why was it your life that didn’t last.
And we’re trying so hard to live on but no one can seem to go on.
Everyone knows you’re watching Kaylum your son and Kyle your nephew from the sky…
Your mum and dad just want to know why?
Chantelle, Lisa and Donna just keep praying you’ll awake as we all do cause lil’ Paul….
It’s unbearable how much we all miss you.
We know you’re not really gone,
Cause just as long as we have the photos and the memories you’ll never leave us.
And Paul, we need you to know
That we have started to fall apart
We need you to know we love you and we will never ever let go.
Right now we know is the lowest point we can go.
But we can do this….For you we would do it all.
Cause after all family never let family fall.
And while it’s so hard to do anything right now we know you’re watching us and how could we ever let you down?
You need to know how many people love you….
So many right now don’t know how to live on because you’re gone.
We need you to watch over us now more than ever.
After all you were always such a good protector
Cus…I miss you and I just wanted you to know that it kills me to even think I might have to let you go.
So as long as we hold you in our hearts.
Our angel we’re not so far apart… our star you’re always right here in our hearts.


I wrote this shortly after my cousin died. It was a poem that was buried with him at the request of my family. He died suddenly and it really hurt me we grew up together as i was just 9 months younger then him and he died at the age of 20 which was shockly young and tragic.

Death, Pain, sorrow,hurt,mourning.

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