You’d like to
Own me control me
Id say no girls have turned down that smile
That blue eyed boy
So tanned
Hair and eyebrows profection
With a bad attitude and attention
Moster gang land
Bad lad
Thrown into one
Have you ever been rejected
Well you will soon son
Cause as much as your charming
I’m a Wiley fox
Knowing too well
You’re the Jack in a box
How you’d wanna be in my box too
Whispering you’re the only one id talk to
But I know people who lie
And trust isn’t easy
Like the bitchs you get
Don’t preceive me
Cause I’m a hard nut to crack
I like to think I’m worth it
While im not the pretty face
Or even a tiny waist
Im a light in the dark
I’m the wild at heart

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