Hair tied to the side
Black vest
Black skirt
Red check shirt tied on my waist
We got to the venue late
Did I mention
Last week I stared at this girl
Emma was her name or his haven’t you heard
Is she even that
Either way I’d hit it.
But this bitch don’t want a women like me
She likes them small sweet and pretty
So when she wont even look my way I go off players Gotta play.
So when kibs bumped into you and your roomie
Me apologising profusely
You kept looking at me
In that t shirt
In those jeans
Hanging around your boyish frame
And when you asked me to come outside I did
You laughing at me saying how did they let a straight girl in
And I could take the laugh but you didn’t expect the kiss
And all the while I’m thinking holy shit
Cause kelly is the name of my sister
And this chick
And fuck I just kissed her
And then Emma came over calling you a child bride
I’m here thinking
What the fuck is this ride
And while my fuck up mind doesn’t know shit
I’m just here rolling with it

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