How could you?
Not to me, but its still you.
How did you do it?
And why?
All the questions that mans family must ask now you made him die.
The police showed up at my home.
I was working when i had to answer the phone.
Then on the news show i heard it loud and clear "a man in his 20's was arrested in connection to the murder of..." that’s when all voices faded away.
Never Raymond the garda asked?
“Was he abusive?” they pushed on right past.
When i told them only once never more they ignored my sad drawn face.
And continued to question about our last day....
Did you kill a man ray?
By choice, or accident.....
.... what happened, this is why you’d been so blunt!
Pushed me back away when you where getting taken in.
Dna testing and everything...
I can’t eat now.
Just worked through the day as if i was ok.
Praying my manager would just call and say its ok.
Let me go home so i can curl up and cry scream until my throat is dry!
Its just so hard now, trying to figure it out somehow.
That i loved you and you might be a murderer!!!
The garda say i was so good for you.
Before me you where mean its true but clearly i wasn’t perfect
wasn’t the best i could be
i still dunno why i think you did this down to me!!
Never again will it be our day.
Another time with the garda they’ve said.
Your friends checking up on me.....
All the while I just knew
something dark had taken you.
All this time i should of seen.
You weren’t been mean just push me
away from the harm you caused my being caught in this whole murder thing.
...... i’ll never now wear a ring......
My Anakin.
My Darth it seems.
God it was easier for Padme as she had wings.
I’m broken holding out... just hoping this was some horrible accident.
All the while knowing still, you might of killed.

Today the 10/2/15 i was called in work to be told the police needed to question me.
About my ex partner who hasnt spoke to me in three week. Trns out he was arrested today in relation to a murder and i cant do anything. I had to work all day have two hours talking to police then go back to clse up my job. Its only as i got home i broke down..... I love him which kills me that he might of even accidently killed someone and not knowing why or how or what happened is horrid. I just wanna wake up from this nightmare curled up with him like weeks ago when everything was fine!

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Alexis Faye
casi 6 años

Thanks cory, totally broken at the moment.

Cory Garcia
casi 6 años

Sorry you are going through this...


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