Something to help you sleep at night

Sitting staring always waiting,
                                    Hoping praying light still fading.
                                              Kisses on your chest,
                                     Slowly reach up to your neck.
                  Hope now draining from your eyes as my prey
                                                   Lingeringly dies,
                                                    Through a kiss,
                                                    I’ll take all this.
                                       From my lips a poison kiss,
                                              Hold me embrace it,
                                           Either way just take it.
                                Take the thing you held so dear,
                               Make life not life without me near.
                                 Hopefully praying as you sigh,
                                Knowing after this one last kiss,
                                             Our love now dies.
                          All them screams you will never hear,
                                          After all I don’t care.
                                                 Now my dear,
                                               Honestly I fear,
                                      That one day will pass,
                                    And your life will not last,
                                       One day you will die,
                                       Yet no! I will not cry.
                                                    After all,
                             I never was just another lullaby.


I wrote this when i was 19 after i found out an older man i was seeing was engaged. Growing up i would comment to my mam how i wanted a lad to actually love me and not want to be with me cause i looked good (one of the things i see now i was a good looking teenager) And i wanted ever boy who i ever dated to see i was more like a curse cause after we broke up they'd re ask me out and i'd be a demon to them. I think it was as i'd been through shit and let so many people away with it when they finally seen i was a good person i'd be the bitch they thought i was.

emotion, pain,hurt, romance, relationship, poison, power.

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Alexis Faye
over 6 years

Thank you its a part of me people think they'll see a lot of but it actually only comes out when im really hurt. And thank you for commenting on wording i'm Dyslexic so my spelling phrasing and wording can be horrific.

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Well placed wording... dug the phrasing... loved the attitude!

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