What a Ticking time bomb
your mind is.
How it tick tock’s over our heart beats,
my internal clock buzzing out everytime you took me.
What wires do I have to cut....
which one do I pull to turn your over working mind off.
I hit snooze on my own clock tick tocking away inside of me,
our hearts like magnets pulling you to me.
yet you turn your negative side to me forcing yourself more away
pushing me away from you even when i try get close.
what a loss,
whats this just cause?
I’ve longed to bear a child,
with your blue eyes, with your bright smile.
You’ve wronged what was so right,
not through anything but a fault set inside your mind.
I’m unsure of what set the trigger off,
what made your cuckoo pop.
I feel lost.
..... yet you are the one so lost it seems.
Cause at least iv friends to pull and push me,
at least iv a job where I plaster on a smile and pretend we are fine.
Yet you will sit at home all alone until your family get home.
Do you worry? thinking of me?
Or do you dare walk the streets drinking and stealing yet again.
How has this happened. have I lost you my love, my best friend.
The bomb that was bond to blow,
took you, took its toll.
Whatever is going on.
I’m trying to stay strong.
I’ve my fake smile, but my laughter is gone.
All this time, I thought “no, i must be wrong”
But i was right and i can see,
the trigger of that bomb was me.
But you must know,
I’ve no idea what made it blow.
I’ve no clue as to what to do....
All i know really is I miss you.

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