Lets go back

I’m so heart broken,
We still haven’t spoken.
God i’m choking,
Are you just joking.
This pain inside,
I can not hide.
Its cutting deep,
Its breaking me.
And why do i do this to myself?
Knowing my problems, i’ll be left on the shelf.
Do you know how you hurt me?
Come closer so you can see....
I bleed red not blue,
I’m alive and its down to you.
And why can’t you just stop this game,
Its annoying and its just so super lame!
Good god i’v fallen yet again.
I should of know this was all down to sin.
Why can’t you just be clear,
My love i need you here.
Why is life this hard....
Can we stop and go back to the start.


I hate horrible fights and even worse i hate when they lead to your other half not maning up and talking to you. If you love someone you should want to talk to them and sort things out not ignore and cause them more pain.

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