t took a stupid sitcom
For me to even know
I viewed “love” all wrong
See from the moment guys finally seen me
At the age of 17
Deciding finally I was cool enough to hang with
To the guy who took my virginity
Claiming he then married me
When he left me beaten by some gang on the road
To the prick who raped me after a club
To the guys who literally made me think
Love was about physical abuse
Thank you
For making it clear
I’m better without any of you near
To the guy who switched out my pills
For the guy who thought he’d put me back into anxiety
To the guy who asked me to be best man when he then admited he loved me
To the fuck buddy IV made loss two fiancés you cheated with me on
This poem is for all the wrong
Cause I can finally be free
From the idea of a caged love
A brave love
Is all iv ever been
And today that changes
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