A lesson for you,
dearist man of mine!
A lesson that after you left me love was left undefined.
So i’ll teach each man what love is,
showing them no mercy.
No body is praying on me
while i play this game it seems.
I’ll teach this boy how to kiss and not to tell,
filling his head with the truth about his “friend”.
The one wolf who is long gone from my bed.
I’ll show him anger fear and lush.
For i’m just a girl and thats just us!
And you my dearist man have shown me all I know,
show me how to bait a hook,
reel it in....
take a good hard look.
At the beast you tamed,
this creature you’ve made me...
so well trained!
lay your sadist claim!
Dearist man of mine,
Cause when all these men fall.
You’ll be next in line.

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