I cant seem to reach,
no matter what the pull.
I cant seem to see,
the bleach left no evidence.
Not a scratch or stain of blood,
from the moment you laid your eyes (those sea blue sky blues eyes) on me.
Claiming I was something different,
to fucking dead to see.
That the life you breath into me,
smelled strangely of death, lies and heart break.
I’m wasted.
I’m wounded.
Heart broken.
And this my fucked up,
little messed up mind of mine.
Wont get over you or the fact,
that even though a good guy picked/likes me
I cant wont seem to like him back.
Cause my mind even through its dumbist times knows better,
It knows damn well that you just pull me on a line.
Yet it wants you and questions me if I don’t agree to see you?
Finding a momentary slip in time for you to bump into me....
This heart stupidy beats,
pulling me to try meet.... love is blinding stupid little me!
I cant do this!
I cant be....
the stupid girl,
who falls back to this.
I cant be!!!
I cant do this!!!
I am not me!
But i didn’t choose this!!
I fell...
you knew this!
I’m weak,
and you just used it...
I’d swallow bleach,
just to prove it.
That you dont need me
and i cant do it.

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