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A Writers Dream

The only place where I am truly free and incandescently happy.
A dream within itself.
Being able to express freely without any moral judgment.
Being able to express the feeling of eternal loss, rage, desolation,
And buoyancy through the power of words.
The power of words that are relatable and inspirational.
Where receiving credit for your works are never needed.
In this dream world of mine,
Everything is about the feeling process and not the thinking process.
Knowing that within your heart that what you feel is genuine and earnest.
In this dream world of mine,
there is only the positive energy and never the negative kind.
Where all the bad spirits often whisper things to try and make me
Feel like I am incompetent or inexpert,
but often fail because of this light of mine.
This little light of mine that tends to radiate.
That tends to fortify.
In this dream world of mine I know shall never awaken.
For a writers dream is their reality.


this is how i feel when i am writing. it is like i am taken to another world. MY world

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