Looking at your beautiful face
sparks that inspirational flow.
A flow that blossoms into love.
A love that takes me so far.
Looking at your beautiful face
places me on a cloud,
which slips me away to a familiar place.
Skies of lavender.
Stars of purity.
Universe of paradise.
A cloud which I will never fall off of.
The reason I smile.
The cause of goosebumps,
like when you apprehend
a beautiful melody.
Having that feel that I
was built for you.
Your energy can only elevate me.
Higher and higher.
Physical contact
bringing out that inner beast in me.
Clawing at the need to have you.
To hear you say those three words,
to see you say those three words
sends me to the moon.
And it all started
by looking at your beautiful face.


you know who you are...


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