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Dear Golden,

   Sitting here trying to muster up the words to write to you. It has been entirely too long since we have spoken. It never did get easier as each day went on. It just became bearable. I learned to live with it, and that is ok. I laugh at myself knowing that I shall never completely let every single part of you go. It is because a piece of your heart is still with me. Your laugh still plays like a melody in my mind, and your scent still shows up every once in a while. There was a point in time when my soul undoubtedly belonged to you. And sometimes I think it still does. The windows of my soul mirrored yours in every way possible. And I know with every bone in my body that if I were to see you tomorrow and look inside of you, the same mirror would still be there. My best friend and lover… I have loved you for forever and I still do. I know that in my heart that you still love me too. Your golden smile is still plastered to my memory box. A smile that I carry with me each and every day. You are and always will be a part of me.

& as I am typing my last words, “Eternal Sunshine” begins to play...

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Rusty A. Gouveia
over 1 year

I like the deepness of this poem. The window of my soul mirrored yours... Wow what a description. Keep up the Great Work.

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Rusty A. Gouveia

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