Back again or so they say
Back with words to describe the day
I return from my long rest
Much to say, I passed the test
The road was rough oh I almost cried
I held on tight and kept my pride
My band of brothers we fought so hard
This medal they gave us remind us all
A very strange land, so warm so cold
Our eyes did marvel, take us back home
Sickness came and did its thing
Enjoyment for us was not long lived
Taunt and say weak we are
In the end we shine as a star
The joker laughed from across the net
Back and forth with every set
Push him back to final test
Knock him down upon his chest
Stand  tall and proud with heads held high
Special Olympics Jamaica male volleyball team
Winning gold was our long term dream
Though many did doubt and say oh no
Still we did it at the World Games for a show
History made lets do it again
How will we return my friend

A little poem I wrote about our journey of going to the special Olympics world games in Abu Dhabi and winning gold in male volleyball for Jamaica.

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