Wanting to write a poem but don’t know where to start
If only I could somehow gather my thoughts
Wishing to say “A” but saying “B” instead
Reading it back and saying “what the hell”
I wonder what was going on in my head
Looking at my poems I see a thread
That frightens me not too well
A monster lies inside hidden to most
Between the lines he likes to boast
Don’t get scared I wont attack
Though with myself I fight a lot
Still writing but not saying much
My true words wont come off my stomach
Maybe next time I learn to say
What truly troubles me today
List it all one by one
Then with a good line express it to everyone
I guess this is what they call confusion
Trying to jam it all in one song
But i’m not singing to anyone
The end it is over, never meant to make you uneasy
Hope in some way you enjoyed it just like me


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