I think about life
and the way iv lived mine
all the people iv loved
all the times that iv cried
all the smiles and laughs
all the pain that iv spit
theres just some fucking things
you dont ever forget
and i am who i am
so i try not to regret
and i try not to hate
the person iv been
iv messed up alot
im hated by many
shady business?
iv been through plenty
but i guess theres some things that are different about me
my souls as pure as it CAN be
my heart love is more than free
id give my life, for anybodys
and although id never regret who iv came to be
sometimes i cry about the people who leave
all the people iv met
all the people iv believed
Iv had friends killed
sometimes i imagine their screams
some people just moved away
or got sick of me
and sometimes i cry so hard i cant see
because im the only person who can axcept me for me
And in my battle to be able to breath
sometimes i feel some shit crawling up and outside of me
because my sorrow isnt just pain, its misery
my face aint just damp with tears, its glistening
and when i beg for strength
i just hope that gods listening

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