Mirroring my own image
sometimes I even trick myself,
I even believe the person staring back could be someone else..
I lean in closer– I’m examining  her face–
looking for a flaw, but all I can see is the blush across her jaw
she looks so strong and gracious
like she never makes mistakes,
but I know deep inside her,
all of that is fake
you should see her in the morning
so pale she looks like death,
a look in her eyes that makes you wonder
if there’s anybody left.
dark circles that are 4ever,
despite how much she sleeps
the girl I see in the morning -
is the one that haunts me in my dreams
washed out, worn down, and really blotchy too
so we cover her up on the daily
and create someone completely new -
the girl who has no baggage–
she always says what’s right,
the girl iv made an expert–
on covering my inside.

who we are inside vs the person we act to be for the world

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