She promised to come soon
And only a few days remain
Tension and excitement
Driving me insane
Soon we’ll be together
To make music again
Can’t wait! Can’t wait!
I’m tired of this pain
© F Aparici      09/03/2016

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Nelson D Reyes
about 4 years


There was this dog in Tokyo who stood all day, all night by the river waiting for its companion/friend who never showed up. Found out that the person died. In time the dog died as well where it was waiting. The good people of Tokyo built a memorial-the dog's
sculpture seated exactly where he waited. Next time in Tokyo, pat his head.

And yes, I've been "injunned" many times! (Colloquial / Tagalog for stood up)

about 4 years

Thanks for liking Brod.

Great canine story :)

Charlotte B. Williams
about 4 years

Nice poem Francis. Are you speaking of yourself here ?

about 4 years

It's about anyone anxiously waiting for the return of a loved one. I am sure all of us have felt that way sometime in our lives. :)

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