At the young mother he looked
With worried, quizzical eyes
Then said “How come you have
Just one earring?”
Startled, she grabbed both ears
But of course, she has two!
Angry at first, she started laughing
The old man smiled, eyes twinkling!
Then the old man turned to her son
The shy boy hid behind her mother
He asked the youth
“How old are you?”
The boy raised four fingers
And whispered “I’m four”
Then the old man said
“When I was your age, I was four too”
The boy looked at him
With eyes not understanding
Silly yet logical
Aye, his mother broke out laughing!
That old man was my father
Years ago, before he passed away
Now an old man myself, I do the same
And his memory I am honoring!
© F Aparici            04/30/2019


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Charlotte B. Williams
10 mesi

Nice story.

10 mesi

Thank you. Thanks for liking

Nelson D Reyes
10 mesi

Very sillyingly profound! I can relate. My grandson, the younger of the two, said I was the silliest person he’d ever met. And he was barely three and been around apparently. I was a full red nosed white faced clown to them when they were barely off their milk bottles. And still is.
We all need to feel young no matter the years we have under our belts/tummies (?).

Like. Thanks Brod.

10 mesi

My dad was a very strict, at times harsh, no nonsense guy when we were young. But he was a teddy bear with his grandchildren.

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