I burrow through the space-time continuum
Into a mystical, mythical, surreal apparition
Lost with a billion suns hurtling to an abyss
Trapped in a swirling motion into oblivion...
Time stood still as the gravitational pull
Thwarts all means of escape from perdition
The loudest cries for help remain unheard
As atoms collide and stop in mid-motion!
And I cease to exist, frozen in timeless time
And I cease to think, and lose all emotion!
© F Aparici 04/15/2019


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Nelson D Reyes
oltre 1 anno

The Grim Reapers of the Universe lining up the threshold of galactic event horizon, at the gates of the eternal hell himself Hades with his three headed guard dogs

Repent! And you’ll see the light.

Thanks Brod. Like.

Looks like just out of the oven orange Krispy Kreme doughnut.

oltre 1 anno

Hahaha. Thanks Brod

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