Bob: "If we could just get Democrats
and Republicans to agree on a tax reform bill,
we could bring the deficit down in no time."

Dave: "Yeah, and pigs can fly!"

One morning we saw Pegasus fly by
Glorious, his white mane contrast the blue sky
Shining, his wings in the rays of the sun
Impressive, flaunting like an Olympian
But Zeus not amused; happy he wasn’t
Grace and humor, he certainly hasn’t
A thunderbolt Zeus shot Pegasus’ way
All of us heard the stallion moan and neigh!
And we looked up and there in the blue sky
Once mighty steed now a pig that can fly!
So hereafter he's been called Pigasus
Lesson for the day - never mess with Zeus!
© F Aparici            10/05/2020

Robert and Nelson have written "pigs can fly" poems recently. I was impressed to write one too.


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Nelson D Reyes
7 months

Zeus was not happy but let it go and Pigasus is still out there in various avatars as a “hogonstellation” (my coined). Check out the sky on a moonless night.
Pigasus had a chance in the summer of ‘68 when the Yippies nominated him for President. G.Washington saw Pigasus flying years prior.

Fascinating Pigasus! Earthbound we are we never stop reaching for the stars. And one day indeed we’ll all be heaven bound.

Like. Thanks Brod for taking flight with us Robert and I and our Pig friends in the sky.

7 months

Yes. If Pigasus won, there wouldn't have been Watergate! Aaaah what could have been.

Thanks for liking Brod. It was fun writing this one.

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