In the Afterglow

Once, a child I was; long, long time ago
Those days forever gone, they didn’t last!
Now, as grey cells go; mem’ries fading fast
Soon I may forget friends I used to know!
Time flies fast, while I await winter’s snow
Leaves on the ground, numerous as days pass’d
Twilight has come; and the sky’s overcast,
The evening’s here, I’m in the afterglow!
But the world’s not grim with you by my side
For together, we’ll celebrate the night
We’ll embark on a rollercoaster ride
Feast on ambrosia and Turkish delight
Happiness we’ll seek; we won’t be denied
We’ll sail to the stars, bathing in moonlight!
© F Aparici

A longer version and in sonnet form of an earlier poem (Afterglow) that I have posted. It was written in the same spirit and sentiment as my earlier poem.


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