A Limerick
Just for Laughs

Once upon a time in a village by the sea
There lived a lady whom we shall call Suzie
She likes to work all day
Till the sky’s dark and gray
She toils non-stop for she loves to be busy
At nights her back hurts so bad, it’s no fantasy
So, an appointment she made, Dr. Jay to see
Her neck he then crack’d
And massaged her upper back
He said, “this-that don’t overdo, pain-free you’ll be”
© F Aparici   09/05/2020

Dedicated to my overdoer wife


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Charlotte B. Williams
circa 2 mesi

An appointment like this sounds like a good idea. Enjoyed this.

circa 2 mesi

Haha! Thanks for liking Charlotte.

Nelson D Reyes
circa 2 mesi

My wife I let her be
At all times like a bee
She’s in the garden
All day I am in the den

Like “once upon a time stories”. Thanks Brod.

circa 2 mesi

Nice ditty Brod.

Yes I like limericks. They’re fun to write. And to read. Thanks for liking.

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