A Limerick Just for Laughs

Once upon a time there was an old lumberjack
All by himself in a secluded mountain shack
A rottweiler lived with him
Only ate cookies and cream
Sadly, he wouldn’t bark; intruders he won’t attack
So, one day to the animal shelter he took the dog back
And took home a small chihuahua named Freddie Mac
He was fierce and grim
A good dog it would seem
But all day, he’s up and down; barking yak! yak! yak!
© F Aparici


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Nelson D Reyes
oltre 1 anno

Life is a challenge, sometimes. Would seem so many choices around you’d most likely feel had it made.
Always there is unforeseen event/situation.

That chihuahua probably is seeing a gang of coyotes watching him all day.

Back to animal shelter!

Like . Thanks Brod.

oltre 1 anno

Thanks for liking Brod. I like limericks to express a little levity. Living is such a hard thing to do, we need to chill now and then.

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