Along the dark alleys,
Through their constant lies.
Among bigots and hypocrites.
Knives on his back as they spit
On the ground he bellowed from their kicks.
Pushing him down with few more licks.
Flesh ripped from his bones
Blood stained the stones
Hand gripped another to a halt
This bloodshed by default.


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over 4 years

also LOVE the art to go with this....

over 4 years

... and you said on a comment to wished you could write bold..psh and what is this if not bold..this is right up my alley...scorpio after all ? its obvious with the intensity and uh ...blood :) ... this..once again short sentences yet so strong..must try this... you do it so well..

over 4 years

wow! thanks for reading and for the comment! :))

Ashley Smith
almost 5 years

You, Edgar Allen Poe, you. Good story.

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