In The Stillness Of The Night

By: Imrogue
'Twas a night when stars were not so bright.
The faint moonlight was emanating
through breaches of dark clouds.
A soft breeze rustled some leaves,
and  a pine cone descended to the ground.
A firefly flickered between two pines.
Two or three bats flurried around
as if looking for opening to another realm.
Spider’s silvery cobweb outlined a shrub,
Caught by the light of awaiting lamp post.
The grass graced my feet with dewdrops.
As I walked  by the swaying branches of  the Willow.
Accumulating renewed vapors of the night...
Generated mist from my breath,
fogged up my senses as it joined the outdoor breeze.
Suddenly, I heard a hoot of an owl
answered by another at a distance.
As if they were watching me,
to welcome me or to warn me
'Twas the night I decided to return
a home I left behind.
I looked around and saw no one...
in the stillness of the night...


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