I could see the lonesome tree.
Under draping branches, I did see thee.
Thou held thy straw hat;
and waved it for a halt.
Thy sweet whisper in my ear
gave me comfort and held my tears.
“ I’ll be along my love...
go on ahead my dear.”
Thou waved your hand, thou art near.
My carriage trudged along dirt road
to reach our home... our humble abode.
Thou held my heart in thrall.
Eyes fogged up as I recalled.
I watched thou standing there...
until thy image turned into blur...


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Cory Garcia
over 4 years

Love this!

over 4 years

thanks Corey!

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Almost sounds like a dream, or a scene from a movie. romantic and imaginative, very nice.

over 4 years

thanks, Charlotte! It actually was a dream :-)

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