Paper crumpled all over the floor, textbooks ripped
His mind is clouded with rage
As his fist penetrates his bedroom wall
He stands at attention at the desk of US Army recruiters
Performing push-ups in the sun, rain, and snow
His eardrums cease to have a break
He eats like food is seldom given to him
Not breathing in between bites
Rubbing butter on anything that is rub worthy
Tilting his head back for some juice
His platoon brothers hit his cup across the mess hall
Causing a strenuous twenty-mile hike to fall upon them as punishment
Spit in his mouth
As he rests on a wooden post
Watching a bull rodeo
With a cowboy hat covering his face and aviators on his eyes
Wishing for a chance to get his platoon brothers back
He sees them in the distance
Notices the gate to the bull-pen is slightly open
“Hey boys over here”
As they get closer he walks up to the rodeo fence, sits on it
And then all hell broke out


For my creative writing class, I had to develop a poem that tells a story with a definitive beginning, middle, and end. Totally a fictional piece, I just took from several different stories that I've heard.

Bootcamp, College

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