Caught in the midst of the
Lack of noise
But this, deafening silence
Makes it seem like I’m
Hearing screaming
Like that time that I used to
Toss the ol’pig skin around
Cause I’m kind of like Mr.
Shelton and the boys
I can’t Duggy or Dab
But I sure ain’t no redneck
Even though I like
Girls and trucks
I may be from around here
But I ain’t no boy
I don’t
Play, with these girls, hearts
I don’t
Run around in circles
Hoping to make art
I chose
Words as my power
And might
Making words my fight
And sustainable plight

I wrote this piece while I was listening to a country song by Blake Shelton called "Boys 'Round Here" sitting in my room hearing kids playing outside simultaneously. I also used to play football when I was younger and I thought that would go perfect in this poem somehow.

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