Caught in the midst of the
Lack of noise
But this, deafening silence
Makes it seem like I’m
Hearing, screaming
Like that time that I used to
Toss the ol’pig skin around
Cause I’m kind of like Mr.
Shelton and the boys
I can’t Duggy or Dab
But I sure ain’t no redneck
Even though I like
Girls, and trucks
I may be from round here
But I ain’t no boy
I don’t
Play, with these girls hearts
I don’t
Run around in the dark
Hoping to make art
I chose words as my power and might
Making words my fight
And sustainable plight
Not the letters that are
Squished together
To form empty promises
No, the normalcy of the
Daily, dirt
Does not suffice
But add a little water
And the beauty of the
Engineers imagination
Runs wild like a mustang
On a mid Summer’s day

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Great poem. Good testimony.

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Robert L. Martin

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