People tell me that I am loved
People tell me that it is an unconditional and unrestricted love
I think I just started to understand how he loves me
& the rest of his children
Although we run into trials, tribulations and temptations
He loves us so
Without ceasing or even yielding
He loves us on and on
Despite the wrong doings
And the ungodly thoughts
He loves us no matter what
And because of that, I want to give it all to Him
My heart, and my soul
I want to be where my soul is free to dance
Where soul needs no body
And my heart is free from the chains of this world
He loves us like the sun loves the day
And like the stars love the night
He loves us like the moon loves space
And like the earth loves gravity
It’s a love that’s so vast and so perfect
That we fail to know its limits
But we always will know its effects
Because of this love
we are free from this world
Free from imminent death
Free from the miseries of hell
If only we believe


Love, Faith

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