I’ve heard the words that are supposed to inspire
The words that are meant to conjure up inspiration
Meant to speak of something as simple as happiness
But turning it into an elaborate expression of joyousness
The feeling of joy is not felt when you get a new car
Or get kissed for the first time
Joy is much more simple than that
Yet it is much more than that
Joy is finding who you really are
In a world obsessed with making you look like every one
Getting you to act like every one
Be like everyone
There is nothing wrong with being one
Living in unity
Sharing love and kindness and adoration for one another
Wiping other people’s tears from their eyes
Being a shoulder to cry on
Or a body to hold
Individuality is a gift that we should cherish
The strength of one shouldn’t be the definition of a weakness for another
Other individuals make the world go round
They balance the earth perfectly on an axis
All the colors of the world contribute to its beauty
The blue flowers
The green trees
The ethnicities of the world
Either black or white
Or yellow or brown
Feed off of the illuminating colors of the sun
And contribute to the subliminal perception of beauty
Covering the earth from corner to corner



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