Seated at his throne
Ready for his gifts to be used
Don’t succumb to the normality’s of common culture
I swear I’m trying everything
I’m like a naïve child
Who can’t get it right
Should I stumble yet still
Grace came
It falls on me like the sun warms my insides
How beautiful she is
Like rain it covers every inch of my body
Like the breeze it flows softly through my hair
I feel lost in this world
Completely turned around
A misfit trying to find a place to fit
A place that does not exist on earth
A place of comfort
Of belonging
A place of life
Earth doesn’t hold the truths of life
Earth is a place for a man like superman or batman
The men who are super need to man up
They need to learn to say no
How to turn away from sin
Sin disguises itself in earthly desires
But grace came
It cleaned the cloth
White as the light that comes from Christ
Earthly desires don’t last
So come
and wake up
A fight has been entrusted to us
The battle wages on
Blood is strewn across the nations
Lord let me be an instrument of peace
Lead me to the lost and forsaken lands
Lands full of pride and destruction



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