Be real

I don’t understand why you say things
You don’t mean
Just be real
Don’t tell me you know how I feel
Unless you have walked in my shoes
Don’t tell me time will let me grow
If I just let go
And love will come and washed away all my sorrows
Don’t say there’s going to be tomorrow
How would you know anyway?
When you don't live my life day to day
You can say you're my true friend
But I can see beneath your disguise
That it’s all pretend
Don’t tell me you would die for me
When you know those words are coming from
Your lying tongue
Don’t try to show me you love me
By giving fake kisses and hugs
Don’t say you will always be there
And how much your sincere
Don’t tell me, I mean the world to you
And you would never break my heart in two
Don’t say I’m you're one and only
Don’t say you would do anything for me
And don’t say we’re meant to be
Because in your eyes all I see is a liar, a faker, and a player.


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