It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before
It’s like being afraid of the unknown in an open pasture
It’s like bleeding out in the Pacific ocean
It’s just like free falling
It’s like going out into the world with no calling
It’s like standing underneath a volcano,
Feeling every inch of heat just only in my chest
It’s like laying in my bed with the fan on, not knowing whether to be hot or cold
It’s just like running with a pack of wolves trying to chase the moon
It’s just like sitting on the moon with no air
Face turning blue and on the verge of inevitable combustion
It’s like opening up my heart and not thinking of trusting
Like there’s no absurd thing as rushing
It’s like never being able to catch my breath
It’s like allowing scarred tissue to get infected,
Oosing out impurities that could have been prevented
Holding on to false hopes I once resented
It’s just like allowing a lioness to tear through my veins
Allowing blood to flow into my eyeballs like rain
Somehow the sting feels good
It’s like being left to die in peace
It’s like falling to my doom with just a smile hanging on
It’s like knowing I’m never wrong,
Yet looking right at deceit
It’s like I stripped naked in an abandoned building
Better known as my soul
Showing everything I was hiding from myself and the world
Bending over, bearing every healing scar
Showcasing every last bruise now fading away
It’s like being imprisoned and setting myself free
Loving you terrifies me
But it’s so easy


devotion, love, danger, terrify, peace, old, impossible, real, seek, grab able, see, mind, free

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