Can I have another chance?
To know you,
To love you,
To let your love rain down on me?
Did I miss the storm?
Or a chance to walk through the fire?
Did I miss an obstacle, the chance to lean on you?
Don’t let me forget how diamonds are made,
That the ladder is always greater,
That greater is the ending of a thing than the beginning,
That you make all things new
How many times have I avoided your call?
That you’d like me to reveal everything and give you my all
Has my passion gone dry?
Am I an empty an bruised vessel?
Is everything you pour into me falling through the cracks?
Am I trying to mold myself and do the work of the potter’s hand?
Am I falling away from truth,
Because if the shame of its proof?
Am I deciding to live in shame?
Is agony my only comfort?
Is pain my only friend?
Is darkness the only way I see?
Is it the only way for me?
Are all things far fetch,
Like never ending mercy and being free?
Is it not possible that I succeed?
Or can I let go of the past?
Could, I, father, have another chance?
Can not the past be conquered?
Can not my doubts be false?
Can not your loving kindness be great?
Can not your love be unconditional?
To my knowledge, you are love
And that’s enough to free me
Killing the old man was enough to renew me
Giving me new identity was enough to change me
Walking with you..
Along side you..,
Is enough to keep me
Giving me peace was enough to heal me
Gave me another chance, enough to revive me


God, love, enough, renew, restore, another, chance, another chance, doubt, fear, gone, peace

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