Before you forget me,
I want you to remember me as me
The happy, extrovertive, caring person that I became once I warmed up to you
Please don’t decide to forget the happy times because of one bad time
Please don’t throw away the love I had for you because you thought you messed up
And please don’t forget the love you had for me because of something I said
I took it back remember?
I apologized
Don’t forget me as me
If you’re going to forget,
Forget the time I rejected you
I didn’t mean it
I said I was sorry
I subconsiously got down on my knees and genuinely
Tenaciously recanted
Don’t forget how much I care
I repented deeply to you
Please don’t forget who you are to me
And, please, I plead with you
Don’t forget that my love for you is unconditional
Don’t set aflame the fact that you love me too
Don’t forget the chasm was far too wide
And engrave in your heart that we made it to the other side


This is more of a flow of consiousness and a letter to someone I used to know.

love remembrance

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Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

That's deep :)


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