By J Ann Crowder

Tears, golden tears
Do not dread the world
Release your embers of fear
Rinse away thick silt and behold jeweled      dragon scales unfurled
Hard mystic mountains never bend
Wind carries whimsical secrets whispering   to barren forests
Sycamore and Saguary intertwine
Enchantment at last descends
Shafts gleam as my passion presumes to      snatch angry torrents

Written 2015.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Reminds me of Sedona, Arizona. The red rock mystical mountains whirling vortices of winds twisting the trees and spiraling spiritual auras skyward. We climb up these mountains every time we visit Sedona. We can literally feel "rinsing the thick silt of fear and sins and admiring the jeweled lizard scales" as the wind eddies. We begin to let go of "angry torrents".
Very passionate poem. Loved the "unfurling jeweled dragon scales" as awesome as the unfurling of the peacock wings opening to the wind. Fave.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 4 years

Yes! You always see where my poetry is coming from. I am an Arizona native and I truly miss it. Sedona is a beautiful desert oasis. Thank you!

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