J Ann Crowder

I reach for gold in a billion strands of sand, slipping away between my weakened flesh
Tears long for my soul’s rapture as my blood and sweat drip upon this ground
Treading stronger waves I go—they beat and pound me back to shores cold and damp
I reach for a sun’s unreachable hues—it’s color only blinds me
A spirit whispers, ‘STAND STILL!’
For stillness is required to hear drum bellows in wind and to feel rain’s laughter on my skin
And stillness is required to feel heat rays pulsating through a sun’s each shaft of light igniting earth’s most joyous and vibrant colors
Thus it is, ‘STAND STILL, STAND STILL,’ he quietly pleads

Written May 20Th 2018

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Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

The strength to accept what has been laid down before us gives us that magical and miraculous power to recover, reboot our weakened senses to fire up, reconnect and be vibrant again, makes us able to fully enjoy the rapture there for us ever.

Yes listen to the spirit.

Like. Thank you Jenifer.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 2 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Yes! Truth! It takes strength to accept what is. To ‘stand still’ and see the good. I work on this everyday.

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