By J Ann Crowder

We argue of creation and God’s truth, though earth testifies
In her perfection she denotes
With each star synchronized, in harmonious formation, Mother Earth whispers a pure affirmation
For one alteration could cause a detonation
Her science surely precise, as earth our womb and cradle—sweetest intent for sustenance of mortality
God began with life giving springs of water
He gave us warm breath, for our bodies must breath
Earthly realm and all therein he keeps
He faithfully clothes lilies of fields, dressing earth in paradisiacal glory
Of seasons he gives for resplendence of joy
His warmth residing in sun soaked rays kissing our faces
His spirit tumbles within earth’s mystic winds
His mountains spring forth from singing rivers, eternally carving a masterpiece—shaping stone
A true scientist’s art and edifice
He touches our every sense and capability
Gifting our minds with thought
Forever defining miracles amongst a life sustaining orb
’Tis a magical reality of the sublime

Written December14th, 2016. Everything in nature denotes there is a God.

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