Love Concords

J Ann Crowder

Love concords, like similes in nature’s alluring bend

Forever promenading silent truths

Procuring a beautiful earth where sun, soil, air, and water collide

Creating a single beating heart

Tis’ timeless are the enduring, touchless sensations of a sun’s invisible kiss upon the fox tails and hydrangeas of summer pastures

Magic are green blades turned golden as a sweetness in delightful dusk is painted of coral bronzers ignited by his burning, naked eye setting upon warm horizons, vanishing beyond an enchantment of shading darkness above

At each day’s end, a sunset bids goodnight, enshrouding us with night’s brilliant duvet

This is love’s endless tide

By and by, her chants dust dawns of morning tides as the glory of song thrushes arise with more sun-blazed kisses

LOVE, spreading her all encompassing wings across land and all living beings

Dressing fields of clover

Lighting a laugh or a rose of soft heather

Illuminating the solo drums of Mother Nature’s each composition

A silhouette of perfect conformity

Orchestrating her single, most majestical masterpiece

Bringing solace and comfort to our eyes

Ushering in more parallels of love within her post germinating, lulling and alluring beats, breaths, and brush stokes dipped in eternal arrays of color

Written August 11, 2018

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