I love you, so would it be a crime
If I admitted to thinking of you all the  time
Admitted to still seeing you in my dreams
And if anywhere else falling apart at the seams
I love you, so is it that big of a deal
That I write about us like our love were still real
Like we still had hope, like we had a chance
As if one day, I’ll get my dance
I love you, so is it a surprise
If I take every opportunity to gaze into your eyes
That I still stare at your pictures, and imagine your kiss
Like it’s the number one thing I miss
I love you, so is it that great of a shock
That every time I see you my knees lock
My heart gets heavy and weightless simultaneously
And people actually think I have something wrong with me!
I love you, so all I can say
Is that I miss and think of you every day
I’m being torn apart bit by bit
Because I love you and that is it.

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