Darkness accumulates in the moonless night
spilling from my mind, adjoining child sight
I await, no time to have defined some might
that I stand strong against the coming fight
Heat... the wretched heat... I stir malcontent
young eyes, young tongue, familial foment
I hear it first in the floor... vibrations... the booms
then piercing to my heart... cracking... the dooms
Panic ices and stifles my sufficient, ignited mind
God's righteousness, always loyally consigned
violent rage, masquerades as spiritual will
no concealment, no cover, walls closing to kill
Open flash, exposed to punishing assault
dominant enemy, my heart judged at fault
worn down and now assuming attrition
Listen... the coming of future submissions
Yes sir... I'm ready now, to leave my home
serve the country on its imperial throne
Subjugated me; ready to occupy overseas.
Pillaging the world with American Supremacist fantasies


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Cory Garcia
más de 6 años

I hear you brother... I just prayed for you..."All Things New"

Juan Michael
más de 6 años

this one left me hollow

Cory Garcia
más de 6 años

That was intense... well done brother

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Cory Garcia

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