My soul is painted sapphire,
as I run through the fields of sunflowers as tall as trees;
your shadow running beside me.
My soul is painted sapphire,
maybe because,
your skin was sapphire, maybe because,
you were my soul.
I lay in bed with the stars above me, although their light is blocked
by the roof above my head,
I can feel their warmth burning through my skin,
as if
they were sleeping
inside my bones.
Maybe you are like the stars,
even though you’re not always there, I can still feel you,
inside of me.
But if I could see your face once more, I’d trade every star that watches me as I sleep.
If only I could touch you, just one more time,
without you burning my hands raw,
I would trade every ocean that moves inside my veins,
just to feel you move instead.
I took my sapphire soul, and I poured her into a seashell filled with saltwater and sunlight,
I said goodbye to her 9 months ago,
but she kept coming back,
and I kept begging her to stay.
I touched your face,
for the last time, and every river that swims inside me,
streamed down my cheeks,
the sapphire in my soul bleeding out my fingertips.
I held you so tight,
why do you keep coming back, if you don’t intend to stay?
My love I tried everything I could, if you must go, why can’t you tell me yourself?
Maybe I am not meant to be sapphire,
Or maybe, I will always be sapphire....
Still I will hold you so tight, even when you’re no longer there,
Even when,
My hands are empty.
Even then,
I will hold you,
Even then,
my childhood friend.

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Julia W
over 6 years

Thanks so much Cory! I always look forward to your comments :)

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Shed a tear for this one little sister... it will happen when its time... and the world will open up for you... till then... during... and after... keep on singing

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Cory Garcia

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