Cut & cut
Slit & slit
Another day, another bit.
Bringing more pain,
but it doesn’t hurt.
Tell me,
what is it worth?
I’m sorry, but I can’t think
of anything to say
That will make any
of this okay.
If anything,
Just know I’m listening.
So if there’s anything,
Say it.
If it’s a secret,
I promise I’ll keep it.
You say you feel
like no one cares,
but I hope you’re aware
That there is one here.
One that cares for you,
And that loves you.
But he’s too far to be there.
Just know, he is the one
that will always care.
He has from the start.
But distance is what
keeps him apart
From the one he calls
his queen.
You are his true love,
I hope you believe.


I didn't really have a title for this one. So I just put something random.

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