1:39 A.M.

The day has started
And here I am
Up late another night
Thinking about people I love
My Father, Angie, Kass.
Yet something feels empty
Oh... It’s just my stomach
I feel like crying
Maybe if I do the pain will go away
Not much time has past
Of course that would mean
I would have to put on my fake smile again
Of course it isn’t for everyone
Angie, Kassandra, and Kasey make me laugh
But when they leave pain takes the stand...
I can’t take it much more
Feel like I’m going crazy
My mind is so scrambled
Do this– do that
Oh well. It will sort out at the end
1:45 time to shut it down
Just kidding
1:51 A.M.

this is just another late night poem. It wasn't suppose to make sense or anything. Just made to express myself like always. :3

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