Here's My Heart

My entire life my heart has hurt
Day after day
All I felt was pain
And at one point
I wanted to rip it out
Then one day I found my sisters…
And everything changed
I stopped being so afraid of getting hurt
But I knew if I kept my heart to myself
I wouldn’t last
So one by one
I gave a piece to my sisters
Not all so far
For I am nervous
SInce I’m not usually sappy ^-^
That is why I’m writing this
For my sisters I give you a gift
A piece of my heart
I give you this so that
No matter where you are
I will always be with you
I want you to have my heart
Because I love you that much
You’ve always been there for me
Even when I told you all the dark things I’ve done
Thank you my sisters
I love you so much <3

I'm sorry if this doesn't seem that great of a poem. I know this isn't one of my greatest things but I don't care that much... This way just a way for me to give my sisters a piece of my heart since it's hard for me to tell them (i don't know why I'm just that weird) HAVE A GOOD DAY! :)

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