All I Ever Wanted

I’ve asked for much
But was always content
One thing I haven’t asked
Though I shouldn’t have to
Simply five words–
“I’m proud of you, Kay”.
Really isn’t much right?
Yet you’ve never said that to me
I guess you won’t ever be proud
Unless I toughen up
Instead of getting “pushed around”
Or even “being social”
“Getting out there”
If you saw what I wrote
The way I see things
Would you become proud of me?
I’ve gotten in trouble
For speaking my mind
You told me to dial it down
Which to me means
“Don’t be yourself”
At this point
Will you just shoot me?
It’ll be less painful
Then being a complete disappointment to you
I can’t be myself anywhere
Or with anyone
And since you’ll never say you’re proud of me
I just give up
That’s all I ever wanted
And right now this is all I need

About my mom. 100% true

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