Many questions that don't get answered...

Is that true?
Is that my family?
My friend?
Why’s my mind so foggy?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Am I alone?
Will I live?
Is someone out there?
why am I so confused?
~Lets go a little deeper (don’t worry there aren’t a lot)~
Why am I suicidal?
Why am I depressed?
Where did these scars come from?
How did my room become covered in blood?
Why are my hands shaking?
I’m guessing some of you
Have asked yourself
Some, if not all,
These questions
It’s ok if you have
We all get confused sometimes
Don’t worry
Maybe it’ll pass
But I guess until your questions are answered
You’ll just stay

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presque 6 ans

Well thank you. And what do you mean by overworking the iinternal dialog?

Geek Poet
presque 6 ans

I find your work more compelling than most. Such brutal honesty and the raw elements of the existential crisis with you carthatic words are amazing. Suicidal ideation is part and parcel of sensitive creatures. The inevitability of our demise posses the most visceral question. May I humbly suggest that overworking that internal dialogue can be harmful as well as helpful. A balance must be struck. You are young and that introspection seems to be the only source of inspiration. Reach out to the universe and revel in the miracle that surrounds us. Therein awaits the most appropriate answers. Not all the answers. Their has to be impenetrable mysteries. I find a pantheistic philosophy brings much solace and brings plausible meaning to existence

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Geek Poet

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